Cyber Bullying: A Bookstagram story.

Hello blogosphere? (That’s what this is, right πŸ€”)
So I’m coming out of my little shell and back to the Blog about something that’s happened yesterday 8th July 2017 with me on Twitter/Instagram.

So here’s what happened.

1- I tweeted a thread about how this new generation…oh are the screenshots:

Basically that is my opinion after watching the way most young adults and teens deal with things these days. They are either triggered or want to become warriors for social justice with their tweets while they lay in the comfort of their homes.
And well, a few people agreed, and no one actively disagreed via any replies on the thread at the time of these screenshots (3 hours from my thread). (I have a small twitter account 350 followers so I didn’t expect any one to even notice them) Tw@theGwiththeB
2- A person (We’ll call them Person A) on IG who has about 40k followers posted a screenshot in support of my tweets and recommended their followers to check out the tweet thread.

3- Another person (Person B) who apparently is a friend of PA went on a bullying spree on their IGstories with about 35k followers. Screenshots (without their handle) as follows:

On their trigger journey they got further triggered by maybe an open to discussion account Lighthouse. As you might notice, they didn’t reach out to me and have a discussion, instead they posted on their IGstories including my Twitter handle which also includes my IG handle (theguywiththebook) I have about 23k on IG and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of mutual followers. (I was informed about PB’s IGstories from one of our mutual followers.)

4- I sent a message to PB on their IG as follows:

As expected this New generation Millennial didn’t respond. They just want to get triggered without having the capacity to face a differing opinion but yeah they do want to change the world. Bravo!
5- Later, Person C got involved and replied to me with a thread and we had a very decent discussion. Non Sarcastic Bravo!
6- Then I found out that PB unfollowed PA for obvious reasons i.e. supporting my POV and another ‘big’ account unfollowed PA as well. Bookstagram friendships for the win! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Why am I sharing this here? Mainly because I can’t help but think if any opinion was shared by a much younger person, say a teen or a Young Adult and then this PB tried to bully them in front of 35k people, their reaction would be pretty different. They wouldn’t be calm and wouldn’t have laughed so much at this immature behavior. They would’ve been depressed at this type of stunt to shame and bully them in front of this community we have all come to love, Bookstagram. Such people bring no positivity with their one track ‘oh I am so nice and righteous’ character.

They have no empathy towards anyone, and fact is, if they didn’t have an audience they wouldn’t even be thinking of these things. That’s the reason the screenshots were exported over to Instagram instead of their small twitter account. They just wanted a pat on the back for being furious over things.

Honestly, it was hilarious how with every IG stories PB was proving my point all along. And I can’t fathom how any of this was making them look even remotely sane!

Another example of how not to make a fool of yourself:

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who sent me screenshots informing me about this on IG, stay safe out there, this shiny little world has a lot dark spots.

Remember, if you want to change the world, learn to listen. It’s a diverse world and your opinion doesn’t necessarily fit fit everyone else’s.

Feel free to voice your opinion and if you want to talk to me directly, my Instagram DM’s are open for all – @theguywiththebook



Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Saturday, 8th July, 2017.