8:13am, Office Desk, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I have no clue what this post is going to end up being about but I do know that in some time you’ll find out what route it’s taking because you guys are smart and don’t need me to tell you exactly what I want to say or write or express and that is an interesting thing since being smart is very subjective and you can never say if some one really is smart because you could be very smart in some things but you can definitely be stupid when it comes to other things, like a very smart person might not know how to tie shoe laces which for an apparently ‘dumb’ person might be the easiest thing to do which he can do with his eyes closed while he thinks about a dozen different things which do not relate to any thing even remotely concerned with tying shoe laces or shoes or feet and can keep thinking while near perfectly tying up the laces because he has been doing it for so long and its the most simple thing to him and doesn’t require him constantly focusing on the act itself, like when you first try your hands at stick shift driving or playing guitar and cant stop constantly trying to focus on both hands and the trick for me here to do this successfully is not to think of the end product and I shouldn’t ask any questions, otherwise the whole thing goes south on me and I’ll need to stop and click the publish button which will post this but I have decided to keep writing and adding useless information in this post throughout the day in the office today and I’ll post it at around Lunch time which is about 5 hours from now and by then God knows where this might take us and that is what I want to find out because curiosity could become a stubborn thing very quick and when you have an idea and don’t implement or apply it, you can’t rest easy and have to do something about it and so, when last night laying on my bed ready to dose off, this stupid, stubborn idea crept up (and obviously it stayed their patiently waiting for me to wake up this morning so it could bug me like an oil stain on my tie which wont go off and I have no other option but to get it dry cleaned OR throw it away, else it becomes useless as a tie) I decided to turn my attention towards the blog and start typing one word at a time which was the only way I thought I might get rid of this idea but I don’t think it’s doing a good job of getting rid of this idea and I can see myself wanting to go deeper and deeper and its 11:01am and I’m shuffling between office work and this and a few miscellaneous things that I keep myself ‘busy’ with during the day which includes having the occasional snack that I had promised myself not to after I started running at the gym which is sad because there are some things I cant get myself to do although I can be very systematic and headstrong about a lot of other things like waking up in the morning is something which I can if I really want or if I want to run for an hour without a break, I could do that but snacks are my Achilles heel and I have these moments of monumental weakness when I just cant handle it and just have to have something not-so-healthy to eat like a Snickers Bar or an Ice Lolly or those opaque, brightly colored Jelly beans and I am the worst with Potato Chips (Esp. Pringles) which I can have a full large pack of over a movie which is annoying since you keep munching and hearing the crunch instead of the dialogues which are more important than snacks at that time but that’s exactly why I’m saying how bad I am with chips and it’s so annoyingly blissful and I don’t care if I miss a few dialogues but I think I will need to fix this if I want my fitness to be at its peak again and the good thing is that since I read more now, I don’t unnecessarily munch since I don’t want to get stains on the pages with my greasy fingers and make them look gross and so I have coffee instead but the problem with that is I spill it on the pages which I have done on many occasions on my sisters books which she probably didn’t know until now but confessing about it here seems to have lifted the guilt since she loves her books and could get very irate if people don’t respect her books the way she wants them to be respected and could even stop talking to you for a minute or a couple of hours if that happens like she did when by mistake I tore a small bit from one of her Hard Cover Murakami’s (Colorless Tsukuru) and she couldn’t believe I could be so careless with her book and basically what happened is she kind of put a ban on me from taking her books to read which sucks because I love to read whenever I can and specially during the weekends when I can relax with a book and some good coffee in the Balcony for hours until the weather is good enough to sit outside, which is, maybe another 3 months here after which the heat wouldn’t be kind enough to let me sit for more than 10-15 minutes and anyway I don’t want to be irritable while I read and try to enjoy my weekend because I can really be very annoying somtimes, don’t you think?

2:21 pm, Still on my desk, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

PS: I’ll be posting this picture next on My Bookstagram



10 thoughts on “Period.

  1. Bravo! You’ll be writing a book next or perhaps a play, this would make the perfect monologue.

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  2. Absolutely NAILED THE THING!

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  3. Stream of consciousness at it’s finest.

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    1. Thank you for going through the whole thing 🙂


  4. I so enjoyed reading this…hahhahaha…you are such a kid 😂😂

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  5. You’re entertaining af. And you HAVE to finish the book.

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    1. I will! I’m going to post what I’ve written uptil now, tomorrow! 🙂

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