Do you know Me?

Long story short.
My friends don’t know that I am theguywiththebook on Instagram.

This is Yours Truly!

*This is where the Rant begins*

I don’t know why but I decided I should start something where I could express myself without having to think what others that I know personally would think. Except of course my immediate family, who know me and my mind better than I do, I think.
In 2014 I traveled to Shanghai and Hong Kong alone. For business.‎ I extended my stay to have some fun as well. On my flight back i realized I acted differently on my trip there. Maybe it was the ‘foreign-ness’ of the place. Or maybe subconsciously I knew no one would really judge ‘Me’. So, I must have ended being who I am, as I am.
I’m not saying I went berserk and did stupid stuff. I’m talking about the way I think, the way I spoke up and the way I kept my lips pressed.
Some people who know me follow my account, but they don’t know it’s me. I don’t have any pictures of me there. Of course, I’d want people to know I have a decent account. But what good is that to me? On the face of it yes, it might feel good.
But then, I think it might affect the way I take pictures or form my captions.
You know those times when you’re on your personal account and you have one particular person in your mind, so you phrase and rephrase and delete and re-do your tweet‎ or Facebook status or Instagram post? I don’t want that.
I want it to be true to me and my thoughts and free from Me thinking that I’m being judged (Maybe its the escapist in me).
This might not be the same for everyone, there are so many bloggers who write what they want (I think), without having their minds make them edit stuff.
I get affected by what people think of me and my thoughts.
Not that they are dark thoughts. They are my thoughts, and I don’t want to screw with them.

*Rant over*

Some pictures i took in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

I kind of have figured out what this blog is going to be about. And maybe I could call it, ‘Memoirs of a common man’
I’ve got my blog page open at all times at the office, i write a few lines while I’m calling someone and waiting for them to pick up the phone, scribble down something on my draft whenever I get a chance to. I was browsing my feed trying different themes here (I still haven’t got the hang of it, but it’ll come) and realized I actually wrote quite a lot of stuff. Maybe reading them in an years time will help me gain perspective over whether I’ve grown, stayed constant or deteriorated in life.
I have a dozen followers here following me and one or two new users are kind enough to follow it every now and then. I remember when I started the instagram (we’ll call my it Bookstagram) account in late August, my objective was to use that account as a motivation to keep reading and logging down all the books I’ve read (I didn’t know about In a months time I think I had close to a hundred people interested in my Bookstagram.‎ I used to get 9 or 10 likes or maybe 20 on a good day.
Suddenly my interest in the account included me wanting a 100 followers and 25 likes per post.
And as you’ve probably guessed it, I then wanted 500.
‎You get the idea.
Let’s blame Human nature.
How did I realize this? – When i started this blog and the follower count showed ZERO, I thought I’m going to write my thoughts here (for myself) but then I got One Friend – LilRant who has a Beauty Blog and was cool enough to give me some tips on how to go about in here.
So, I thought, maybe in the future if things go like they went on Bookstagram, this page might evolve into something else, but right now it’s for me.
My idea for this account is to help me gain one thing. Writing.
I want to be able to write again. To express my thoughts. And occasionally say things without thinking about them twice.

But I Knew That!!

You know those times when you read a quote by someone famous OR anonymous and you’re like, ‘I always knew that!!’
‘Why did I not write it down myself!?’
The difference is that they decided to actually write it down and We decided to read it.
‎So, my objectives are clear (for now) I don’t ‘want’ followers. I want to give life to my thoughts.
In the process if people decide these thoughts are interesting Or when they read it, They say, ‘I always knew that!!’ then I guess ‘Mission: Accomplished’
There’s one thing I need help with again, and I’m pretty sure if you’ve read until here you will ‎be kind enough to share your thoughts on this. How many blogs do you actually read? And do you read each and every blog that someone posts or just brush through?
What will help me to make this account something that people would Want to read every single time?
Up to this dot —->.
10:41am, a bright sunny day, in the corner of a room on my office desk, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.